Vortec Fuel Injection System

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No Longer Available at this time


Excellent cold start, idle, and runnning characteristics

Higher torque and horsepower levels than comparable carburetion systems

Approximately 30% reduced fuel consumption over comparable carburetion systems

Electrical connectors are weather-pack, and includes silicon gaskets to eliminate corrosion of electrical terminals

ECU has rev limit, detonation control, and high engine temperature protection

ECU can be programmed for additional features


Electronic distributor and ignition coil

Electronic control module, injection harness with fuse holder, fan and fuel pump relays.

Fuel pressure regulator, and fuel injection nozzles

Throttle valve, idle air motor, and throttle position sensor

Coolant temperature, air temperature, knock sensor, and manifold pressure sensor

Larger injectors and calibrations are available for 350, ZZ4, ZZ5 and ZZ383 crate engines.

No Longer Available at this time


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