MEFI 1 & 2 Replacement to Holley Programmable ECU



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Arizona Speed & Marine has developed an adaptor wiring harness that connects to your existing Marine engine wiring harness to replace your outdated or damaged MEFI 1 or MEFI 2 ECU with a programmable Holley ECU. The Holley HP ECU has modern features that include self-learning capabilities for the fuel table using a wide-band sensor in the exhaust to measure O2 content.

The software also includes data recording so you can record and  review the engine operation. You can make changes on the fly, real time, while monitoring the air/fuel ratio and transferring the self-learn table to the fuel base fuel table. This system has been used on multi-port normally aspirated and boosted engines. The adapter harness has provisions for the OEM small cap distributor, oil and fuel pressure transducers and CAN buss for Holley digital dashes. Engine temperature, or air/fuel ratio is out of safe operating perimeters are recorded by existing engine sensors, (Coolant temperature and Air temperature, MAP, TPS, IAC and RPM).

Production of the MEFI 1 & 2 are obsolete and production ended in 1996..

Optional Components:

When using a Holley digital dash, and pressure transducers the dash will flash you warnings when the fuel pressure, oil pressure, or air/fuel ratio is out of programmed specification’s.

When using Holley’s Dual sync distributor, the engine can be operated in sequential injection mode.



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Weight18 lbs
Dimensions18 × 18 × 16 in